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Kisha's Journal

What giving up is all about...

7 October
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Hi my name is Kisha and i was...



me on cPiXeL ~~~> pIxEl

Right Hand Peace It


 im pretty apparently!

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I was born in a small town off the shores of Maryland in the basement of a mad scientist.

After my mother was hit by three zebras and a monkey, i was forced to share a cardboard box with a group of pack rats.
After giving birth to a platypus i moved to the big city to persue an acting career and now here i am, having the the time of my life. Although i was only hired for zoom and made acouple appearances on 7th Heaven, you'll be able to see more of me in the upcomming movie Afro Whores or on the corner of 7th and 12th street. I am having a ball!!!!!!!!!!

3-south, 311, a-rod, afi, alkaline trio, all american rejects, allister, american idol, american juniors, angry beavers, any adam sandler movie, ashlee simpson, ataris, autopilot off, bad astronaut, blink 182, bob's funiture store, borders, bowling for soup, boy meets world, boys, brand new, britney spears, brodie, chauncey matthews, chinese food, chingy, chucks, coheed and cambria, cotton candy ice cream, count the stars, creme soda, curtis, dashboard confessional, davey, divit, donkeylips, eric, eve 6, eyeliners, fallon, finch, flogging molly, friends, ghost hunting, gob, goldfinger, green day, h2o, handcuffs, homegrown, hot monkey sex, incubus, jason marz, jay z, jeff, jessica simpson, jo jo, john mayer, jordans funiture store, jorge posada, justin timberlake, kanye west, lagwaggon, less than jake, letters to cleo, life as a house, linkin park, lost prophets, maroon 5, mest, midtown, mighty mighty bosstones, milk, morgan burke, movie life, mxpx, mya, name taken, new found glory, newlyweds, nofx, now and then, ozma, pete and pete, pierre bouvier, punked, queens of the stonage, ra, ramones, rancid, randy, reel big fish, reliant k, riddlin kids, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, root beer, rw rw nashua, salute your shorts, sammie, sandlot, save ferris, saves the day, sex, showoff, simple plan, slick shoes, smart guy, something corporate, spinach pizza, stand by me, story of the year, sublime, sugarcult, taking back sunday, the chapelle show, the early november, the fallon, the goonies, the starting line, the used, the vandals, thps2, thps3, transplants, unsung zeros, unwritten law, walter, weezer, wendys, will and grace, yankees, yellowcard